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Jim Cotter was a founder member of the Gay (later the Lesbian and Gay) Christian Movement in the UK in April, 1976. He served as Honorary Secretary for the first two years and was the co-ordinator of counselling service for three years after that. Cotter gave the Michael Harding Memorial Address, "Another Country," at the Annual General Meeting in 1984. He was a contributor to a monthly column for Gay News, under the general heading of "Our God Too." Some of the articles plus other pieces appeared in Good Fruits, a book published in 1981 and now out of print. However, the gist of this book, plus much more, is contained in its successor, Quiverful, published by Cairns Publications in 1999. Jim continues to write and speak on issues of sexuality and spirituality.

Jim Cotter, MA Cantab, was born 23 August, 1942 and educated at Stockport Grammar School and Cambridge University from which he holds a degree in Geography and Theology. 

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