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Newsletter #58: January 31, 2008

This month's news:

  1. LGBT Religious History Award to Dr. Heather Rachelle White
  2. LGBT-RAN Event in Philadelphia on May 31
  3. Two Profiles Added to Web Site
  4. Online Exhibition with New York City Group

1.  LGBT Religious History Award to Dr. Heather Rachelle White

Dr. Heather Rachelle White will be honored as the recipient of the 2007-08 LGBT Religious History Award for her paper, "From Sin to Sickness: Pastoral Counseling and the Sex Variant, 1946-1963."  White's paper was selected by LGBT-RAN's jury of scholars from among eight submissions this past year.

Dr. White is currently an adjunct instructor in the Religion Department at Vassar College. The paper is a chapter from her dissertation (Princeton, August 2007), Homosexuality, Gay Communities, and American Churches: A History of a Changing Religious Ethic, 1947-1977. This dissertation is currently being reviewed for publication under the tentative title, Mainline Protestants and the Rise of Gay Rights.

You can read a longer statement about Dr. White and the award on our History Award page. You will also find information there about submitting a paper for the 2008-09 award. Deadline is in October, 2008.

2.  LGBT-RAN Event in Philadelphia on May 31

LGBT-RAN will have a public dinner and event on Saturday evening, May 31, 2008, in Philadelphia. The LGBT Religious History Award will be presented to Dr. Heather Rachelle White at this time (see story above). The program that evening will also include a review of the LGBT-RAN's ongoing preservation efforts, introductions of LGBT-RAN's Advisory Committee members, as well as a guest speaker (not confirmed).  LGBT-RAN friends in the greater Philadelphia area are encouraged to hold this date on their calendars. Plan to join us that evening to celebrate our continued progress in preserving LGBT religious history.  More details about the event will be forthcoming.

3.  Two Profiles Added to Web Site

Profiles of these two LGBT religious leaders were added to the Profiles Gallery in recent weeks:

Rev. Adrian Ravarour, Ph.D., priest, writer and spiritual artist; and

Amara Das Wilhelm, retired Hindu priest and writer. 

The Profiles Gallery is the most-often visited part of the LGBT-RAN web site. Yet there are hundreds more leaders of LGBT religious movements that should be included here.  You can help preserve the stories of our leaders by sending a biographical sketch--of yourself or another LGBT religious leader--to

4.  Online Exhibition with New York City Group

LGBT-RAN is in the early stages of a collaborative effort to create a new online exhibition portraying the history of Maranatha: Riversiders for LGBT Concerns. Maranatha is developing this historical retrospective in conjunction with the celebration of its 30th anniversary this June. Persons who have artifacts or historical information about Maranatha and/or LGBT ministry at Riverside Church in New York City can contact Mina Perry or Chad Gurley.

LGBT-RAN has developed a unique design for online exhibitions that allows users to view and read historical artifacts as if one were visiting a museum. If your group would like to explore collaborating with LGBT-RAN to develop an online exhibition about its history, contact

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