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Newsletter #59: March 12, 2008

This month's news:

  1. Three New Profiles Posted on Web Site
  2. European Group to Hear from LGBT-RAN
  3. Rabbi Staub to Speak at May 31 Dinner in Philadelphia
  4. New Members of Advisory Committee

1.  Three New Profiles Posted on Web Site

Profiles of these three persons were added to the LGBT-RAN web site in recent weeks:

Alfred A. Gross, executive secretary of the George Henry Foundation in New York City from the 1940s to 1960s;

El-Farouk Khaki, founder of Salaam, the first Gay Muslim group in Canada; and

Janine Stock, openly lesbian American Catholic priest.

Preserving our voices and stories for future generations is LGBT-RAN's mission. You can submit a bio sketch or suggest names of persons to be added to this Profiles Gallery to this email address. Recognizing the fluid nature of the historical process, LGBT-RAN does not authorize someone to be included in this Gallery. LGBT-RAN invites and includes all significant persons in diverse expressions of LGBT spirituality around the world.

2.  European Group to Hear from LGBT-RAN

LGBT-RAN coordinator Mark Bowman will speak to the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups during their annual conference in the UK from May 1-4, 2008. The European Forum is an ecumenical network of 32 groups from 16 countries that works together for equality for lesbian and gay persons within and through the Christian churches of Europe.

At the conference Bowman will invite and encourage European groups to collaborate with LGBT-RAN to help preserve the history of LGBT religious movements in Europe. He also expects to record oral histories with some significant LGBT religious leaders there for the Oral History Project. LGBT-RAN is committed to preserving the history of all forms of LGBT religious expression throughout the world, as delinated in its mission statement.

3.  Rabbi Staub to Speak at May 31 Dinner in Philadelphia

Dr. Jacob J. Staub, professor of Jewish philosophy and spirituality at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, will be the featured speaker at LGBT-RAN's 6th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner on Saturday evening, May 31st, in Philadelphia. Staub will offer reflections on: "The Embrace of LGBT Jews in Reconstructionist Judaism: Sketches from the 1980s."

LGBT-RAN friends in the Philadelphia are encouraged to attend this gathering that will also include:

Mark Bowman presenting the latest developments in LGBT-RAN's ground-breaking work;

Dr. Bernard Schlager reporting the expansion of the archives at the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion & Ministry in Berkeley; and 

Dr. Heather R. White receiving the 2007-08 LGBT Religious History Award.

Details on the time and location of this dinner will be posted on the LGBT-RAN web site very soon.

4.  New Members of Advisory Committee

These three persons are joining LGBT-RAN's Advisory Committee this spring:

Angel Collie, coordinator of the Archive and Oral History Project for the Metropolitan Community Churches;

Brenda Harrison, co-president of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, and administrator for Changing Attitude Trust in the UK; and

Dr. Heather R. White, scholar of American religious history whose dissertation analyzed the histories of LGBT Christian communities in the U.S.

The LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee, a diverse group of LGBT religious archivists, activists and scholars, has played an invaluable role in shaping and guiding this unique enterprise to preserve LGBT religious history. The annual meeting of the Advisory Committee will be on May 31 in Philadelphia. 

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