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Newsletter #72: January 21, 2010

This month's news:

  1. Jacob Halper Receives LGBT Religious History Award
  2. New Profiles This Month
  3. Video Tells LGBT-RAN Story
  4. Help Preserve Our History
  5. Thanks to 2009 Donors

1.  Jacob Halper Receives LGBT Religious History Award

The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) honors Shaun Jacob Halper with the 2009-10 LGBT Religious History Award. Halper’s paper, “Fashioning Gay Jewish Identity in Interwar Prague: The Case of Jií Langer (1894-1944)," was selected by the review jury to receive the award.
Halper is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at University of California Berkeley doing pioneering work in Jewish gay and lesbian history. His paper takes up the long-neglected life and work of a gay Hasid in interwar Prague, Jií Langer, who wrote on the problem of Judaism and homosexuality and articulated, as Shaun has argued, what may be one of the earliest cultural articulations of homosexual-Jewish consciousness and identity in the historical record.
The award will be presented to Halper at LGBT-RAN's annual dinner on Saturday, May 8, 2010, at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. You can read the full announcement about Halper and the LGBT Religious History Award here.
Halper's paper was selected by the jury from among eight papers submitted in this fifth year of the LGBT Religious History Award.  Click here for info about past honorees and guidelines for submissions for the 2010-11 Award.

2.  New Profiles This Month

These persons have been added to the Profiles Gallery this month:

Mary Daly, mother of modern feminist theology;
Sarah Flynn, transgender clergy who transitioned 30+ years ago;
Richard Mickley, early MCC clergy who began ministries in the Philippines;
Carol A. White, tells story of reconciliation years after rejection by church.

You can find info here about how to submit a profile for yourself or other leader(s) of LGBT religious movements.

3.  Video Tells LGBT-RAN Story

Last month LGBT-RAN unveiled this video that dramatizes its ground-breaking work. If you have not yet seen it, take a minute to view it here
Then share this video with friends and colleagues to help spread the word about our momentous work in preserving LGBT religious history.  Thanks to LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee member Gabriel Blau for creating this video.

4.  Help Preserve Our History

LGBT-RAN now offers an easy way for to you to get involved in efforts to preserve LGBT religious history. Three teams of volunteers are now working with the LGBT-RAN Coordinator to guide the progress of this unique historical venture:

Preservation & Outreach--helps identify groups and leaders whose records should be preserved and records this information on the web site;
Reseach--supports academic study of LGBT religious history and use of LGBT-RAN in classrooms; and
Digital Technology--oversees design and operation of the web site and other electronic projects.

These teams are working together via email. You can begin by enrolling for a trial period on the email list of the team that interests you. To get more info about how you can get involved, contact Mark Bowman.  LGBT-RAN depends heavily upon the assistance of volunteers like you in order to preserve our voices and stories for future generations.

5.  Thanks to 2009 Donors

LGBT-RAN extends much appreciation to the 48 persons and groups who gave financial support totaling $9,060 last year. 2009 was the first year that LGBT-RAN giving did not increase from the previous year--not surprising given the economic malaise and reduced giving patterns seen by most nonprofits.  However, remember that our unique venture to preserve our history can only happen through your generous financial support. As you plan for your charitable giving in 2010, please consider joining dozens of other LGBT-RAN Friends in making a gift to LGBT-RAN.

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