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Newsletter #87: October 21, 2011

This month's news:

  1. Submissions Deadline for LGBT Religious History Award Is December 1
  2. New Profiles Posted
  3. Misc. Announcements
  4. Recent Deaths

1.  Submissions Deadline for LGBT Religious History Award Is December 1

The deadline for submissions for the 2011-12 LGBT Religious History Award is approaching--December 1. LGBT-RAN's Religious History Award is the only academic award honoring scholarship in LGBT religious history.  This is the seventh year this award has been offered.

Submission guidelines are detailed here.  The awardee receives $500 plus public recognition at the annual meeting of the LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee which will be in June, 2012.  Pass on information about this award to scholarly colleagues and students doing research and writing in LGBT religious history.

2.  New Profiles Posted

Biographical statements for these leaders of LGBT religious movements have been added to the Profiles Gallery the past month:

The Profiles Gallery is the most heavily used part of the LGBT-RAN web site. You can help us expand upon the 300+ entries there by sending biographical profiles or suggesting names of persons to include. Tips for how to identify persons and write profiles are given here.

3.  Misc. Announcements

Here are several announcements of interest to LGBT-RAN constituents:

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies has issued a call for papers for a special issue on Archival Education and Human Rights. Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2012 with a June 2012 publication date.  You can read the details here.

The Lavender Languages Conference at American University in Washington, D.C. (February 10-12, 2012) is seeking papers on "Pentecostalism, Language, and Homosexuality."   Click here for more information.

The Australian Fourth Year Thesis Prize is awarded by the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives for work submitted to an Australian university in the field of GLBTI studies. For more information, contact Graham Willett.

The Department of Women's & Gender Studies at Pace University, New York, is seeking an instructor to teach a course in Spring 2012, "The Gay Male Experience,"  to be offered as part of a new queer studies minor program.  For more information, contact Nancy Reagin.

4.  Recent Deaths

Three persons who played significant roles in LGBT religious movements in the U.S. died in the past month.

Arthur Evans was among the original group of gay activists in New York City in the post-Stonewall Era. He moved to San Francisco and founded a Faery Circle in 1975 which was one of the inspirations for the development of the Radical Faeries.

Frank Kameny was one of earliest public gay activists in Washington, D.C. and the East Coast U.S. Not a religious activist per se, he did briefly head a D.C. chapter of the Council on Religion and the Homosexual in the mid 1960's as evidenced in this letter. However, Kameny's extensive collection of records and memorabilia--more than 50,000 items--is a treasure trove of all aspects of LGBT movements in the U.S. and is preserved at the Library of Congress.

Walter Righter was an Episcopal bishop who ordained Barry Stopfel, an openly gay men, as priest in 1990. Five years later he was charged with heresy by a group of fellow bishops, but acquitted at a church trial.

During this GLBT History Month we mourn the loss of these leaders as we remember the critical importance of preserving papers, records, stories and voices so that the impact of these persons--and LGBT religious and spiritual movements in so many forms--is given proper notice in the historical record. 

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