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Newsletter #108: January 30, 2014

This month's news:

  1. LGBT-RAN Receives Bérubé Prize
  2. 2013-14 LGBT Religious History Award
  3. New on the Web Site
  4. Recent Deaths
  5. You Can Make a Difference: Giving A Little Every Month

1.  LGBT-RAN Receives Bérubé Prize

The Committee on LGBT History announced earlier this month that the LGBT Religious Archives Network was awarded the 2014 Allan Bérubé Prize for the Upstairs Lounge Fire Exhibit that was released last September.  The Allan Bérubé Prize honors outstanding work in public or community-based lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer history.

A copy of the press release with the full text of the award statement and LGBT-RAN's response can be found here.  LGBT-RAN is grateful for this prestigious recognition of its ground-breaking work in developing electronic exhibitions that make artifacts from our history easy accessible.

2.  2013-14 LGBT Religious History Award

After reviewing the papers submitted for the 2013-14 LGBT Religious History Award, the jury decided not to honor one of the papers with an award this year. While the jury members recognized the continued growth of research and writing on LGBT religious history as evidenced by the papers submitted, they decided none were of outstanding caliber to be considered award-worthy.  In the nine years of the LGBT Religious History Award, this is the third time that the jury decided not to make an award.  Scholars and researchers are encouraged to consider submitting a paper for the 2014-15 Award.  Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2014.

3.  New on the Web Site

These biographical statements were added to the Profiles Gallery over the past month:

You can help LGBT-RAN preserve our voices and stories by adding to the 375+ profiles of leaders of LGBT religious movements currently in the Profiles Gallery.  Submit a biographical statement for yourself or another friend or colleague. Here are more details about how to create a profile.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact LGBT-RAN.


4.  Recent Deaths

Several long-time LGBT religious leaders in the U.S. died over the past month:

  • Otis Charles, first openly gay bishop in The Episcopal Church;
  • Samuel Loliger, early staff for the UCC Coalition;
  • Robert Nugent, co-founder of the Catholic New Ways Ministry;
  • Mark Shirilau, archbishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Church; and
  • Tim Tennant-Jayne, long-time leader of United Methodist Affirmation.

As we remember these lives and myriad contributions to our history, we once again recognize the importance of acting now to preserve our history. If you knew any of these persons well--or other leaders in the Profiles Gallery who are deceased--submitting a Remembrance of her/him is a valuable contribution to the historical record.

5.  You Can Make a Difference: Giving A Little Every Month

If you want to help LGBT-RAN ensure that our voices and stories are preserved for future generations, consider making a small donation automatically every month in 2014. Giving $10 or $5 is easy for most of us and may seem insignificant--until you stretch that out to happen every month.  LGBT-RAN now receives over $225 a month from sustaining supporters--and wants to double that in 2014.  Your gift is set up to happen automatically every month as a charge on your credit card. And you can stop the monthly giving whenever you choose. You can set up this monthly gift here. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mark Bowman. Giving a little bit regularly does make a huge difference to preserve our history.

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