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Newsletter #53: July 26, 2007

This month's news:

  1. Online Exhibition on CBST Released
  2. LGBT-RAN Interview on Vassar Radio
  3. History Award Presented to Kathryn Lofton
  4. Thanks to Our Contributors

1.  Online Exhibition on CBST Released

LGBT-RAN, in collaboration with Congregation Beth Simchat Torah (CBST), has unveiled a unique online exhibition portraying the early history of CBST in New York City. Recognized as the world's largest LGBT synagogue, CBST has played a prominent leadership role in LGBT Jewish movements.

In the ground-breaking format LGBT-RAN debuted with the earlier Council on Religion and Homosexual Exhibit (see below), you can travel through different thematic "rooms" and peruse a number of artifacts with brief explanations. The two rooms that are now open, "Early History" and "Liturgy & Ritual," include 60 artifacts, primarily photos, media articles and documents. An additional four rooms are being developed and will be released in the coming months.

CRH Exhibition

LGBT-RAN created the first of its online exhibitions on the early history (1964-68) of the Council on Religion and the Homosexual (CRH). This exhibit, released in October 2005, includes over 100 artifacts--newspaper articles, photos, newsletters, documents, audio and video interviews--portraying the pioneering work of this almost-forgotten group. The format LGBT-RAN designed for this exhibit--appearing as if one is walking through a special exhibition in a museum--is without parallel.

2.  LGBT-RAN Interview on Vassar Radio

Word about LGBT-RAN continues to spread--most recently through an interview with Advisory Committee Gabriel Blau on the "Spiritually Speaking" program on Vassar Radio.  Blau recaps the development of LGBT-RAN and how it is carrying out its mission of preserving LGBT religious history. 

You can listen to this interview at:

3.  History Award Presented to Kathryn Lofton

LGBT-RAN presented its second annual LGBT Religious History Award to Dr. Kathryn Lofton on May 3, 2007.  You can read Lofton's engaging remarks at this event, in which she reviews her research on "Queering Fundamentalism: The Case of John Balcom Shaw (1860-1935) and her journey as a scholar in religious history at:

The deadline for submissions for the 2007-08 LGBT Religious History Award is coming up in October.  You can find more details at:

4.  Thanks to Our Contributors

LGBT-RAN acknowledges the 20 donors who contributed over $3,000 to LGBT-RAN's work last month.  We are well on the way to raising the $20,000 in gifts needed to underwrite our operations in 2007. 

If you've not made a gift, please join the more than 100 individuals, families and organizations that support LGBT-RAN (see list at by making a gift online with your credit card at or mailing a check to:

c/o Chicago Theological Seminary
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