Profile Remembrances

Dr. Beverly Wildung Harrison

As Remembered by Steve L. Grimes

I studied social ethics with Beverly at Union Theological Seminary in New York City from 1977-80, specifically the works of Reinhold Niebuhr. She was part of what made those days at Union so exciting, and she was a most vital part of the diversity of that learning environment. I remember not only her teaching, but her preaching as well. She could shine in chapel as well as in the classroom. Mostly, though, she let her work speak for her. She was not one to let Beverly Harrison get in the way of all women everywhere, for her life was devoted to the advocacy of womankind, and, thereby, to the betterment of humankind. I remember her as firm, but unassuming, one who bucked the standard ways of the academy while making a most valuable contribution to it. I remember the heartbreak of many when she was once denied full professorship for not having published enough. How could anyone think that was Beverly's way of working? She is one more person at Union with whom I studied who has now passed on. She was my link to Niebuhr as I was part of the generation that missed Barth, Tillich, Niebuhr, etc. She will always remain for me a loving, but critical link to the greats who went before her. She did as much in her lifetime as many of them and more than most.

March 5, 2013