Profile Remembrances

Rev. Elder John Gill

As Remembered by William Lile

I met John Gill in Atlanta just after he began his ministry there. I was a sixteen-year-old boy from East Texas who had just come out to his family and was rejected.  Not only rejected but rejected with most of my front teeth knocked out by an enraged father. I don't exactly remember how I met Rev. Gill but I did and he inspired in me something I didn't know existed. In the few weeks that we were in communication he instilled in me the love of myself and helped me learn to have faith in myself. This was one of the turning points in my life. I left Atlanta to return to a larger town in East Texas where I went to beauty school. I worked two jobs to support myself and pay tuition and save money for the boards. In a little over two years that dream was completed and I went to work in a local salon torturing hair into position for little old ladies. Then I started back to school to complete my B.A. in Education and was able to complete that in five years while working full-time in the salon. After earning my degree I went to work for the largest hair care company in the world and advanced to the position of Senior Educator there. Now it is over thirty years and there is one and only one person to thank for this and that is the Rev. John Gill. I honestly don't know exactly what he did for me. But as the time approaches for retirement I realize that John not only helped me learn to trust other persons, but that he also taught me to love again. Rev. Gill--THANK YOU for truly giving me life.

June 3, 2012