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Identifying leaders in religious movements for justice for LGBT persons.

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Chris Paige

Chris Paige is an OtherWise-identified transgender activist who seeks justice through work as a writer, organizer, and educator. Chris prefers pronouns they/them and has been involved in several kinds of LGBT...   Read More

Joseph Palacios

Joseph Palacios was born in 1950 in Glendale, California to Joe and Martha Palacios. His father, a sixth-generation Texan with a strong social consciousness, worked as the grounds manager at a golf course in the...   Read More

Mark Palermo

Mark Palermo, early Presbyterian gay leader and activist, was born on October 24, 1952 to Emil & Phyllis Palermo.  Emil worked for the U.S. Postal Service first as a clerk and later on in security...   Read More

Stephen Parelli & Jose Ortiz

Rev. Stephen R. Parelli, formerly an ordained evangelical Baptist minister who pastored in the states of New York and New Jersey, became the Executive Director of Other Sheep in 2005. Other Sheep (...   Read More

Armando Pastor

Angel Armando Pastor Nolasco is coordinator of the social action and HIV/AIDS ministry among the Latino community, operated by St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Union City, New Jersey.  Armando grew up in a...   Read More

Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is the first person to acknowledge, compile and comment on Queer ideas in Hindu metaphysics and mythology. Devdutt (born 1970) was the third child of Prafulla and Sabitri Pattanaik,...   Read More

Rev. Fred Pattison

Fred Pattison, founder of The Evangelical Network (T-E-N), has written this first-person account of his life journey and the history of T-E-N.    I came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...   Read More

Debra Lynn Peevey

Debra Lynn Peevey provided this first-person profile statement, "Being Me for 40 Years in the Movement for LGBTQ Inclusion."    I’ve always been a seeker.  Born in Southern...   Read More

Rev. Sylvia Pennington

The Rev. Sylvia Pennington was an early pioneer in the Christian GLBT community as an ordained heterosexual woman sharing God’s all-inclusive love with "whosoevers" all over the world.   Sylvia began life...   Read More

Rev. Elder Troy Perry

The Rev. Elder Dr. Troy D. Perry founded Metropolitan Community Churches with 12 people in his living room in Los Angeles on October 6, 1968. Since that time, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community...   Read More

Rev. Michael Piazza

Michael S. Piazza is a spiritual visionary, author and social justice advocate who currently serves as Dean of the Cathedral of Hope, the world’s largest liberal Christian church with a primary...   Read More

Rev. Dr. Stephen Pieters

The Rev. Dr. A. Stephen Pieters was born on August 2, 1952, and was raised in Andover, Massachusetts, where his father chaired the Mathematics Department at Phillips Academy. Steve attended Phillips Andover in...   Read More

Rev. Ronnie Pigg

Rev. Ronnie Pigg was born third of five children and raised in a  small rural southeastern Oklahoma town. There, at the age of 12, he surrendered his life to Christ and, at age 14, accepted the call to the...   Read More

Robert C. Pingpank & Canon Richard T. Nolan

Born three days and 120 miles apart, Dick Nolan and Bob Pingpank celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2005. Both cradle Episcopalians, Bob is a Connecticut native, and Dick is from Massachusetts. Their life...   Read More

Dr. W. Norman Pittenger

(William) Norman Pittenger (July 23, 1905 - June 19, 1997) was a foremost 20th century pioneer in the exploration of human sexuality within a Christian context. His 1967 Time for Consent: A Christian's...   Read More

Dr. Judith Plaskow

Judith Plaskow is professor emerita of religious studies at Manhattan College and a Jewish feminist theologian. Plaskow received her B.A. from Clark University in 1968 and her Ph.D. from Yale in 1975. Her doctoral...   Read More

Rev. Richard Ploen

The Rev. Richard Ploen was the first ordained minister to offer help to Rev.Troy Perry when he started Metropolitan Community Church. Ploen grew up in southern California. From childhood he attended the Culver...   Read More

Phil Porter

Phil Porter was born in 1953 in Bloomington, Indiana. He is the son of John Porter, an administrator in the Indiana University School of Business and Dorcas Showalter Porter. The family was active in the...   Read More

Rev. Loey Powell

The Rev. Lois (Loey) M. Powell retired in 2016 from the denominational offices of the United Church of Christ after serving in various positions of leadership there for almost 20 years. Loey began her national...   Read More

Oliver & Eleonore Powell

Eleonore and Oliver Powell, co-founders of the United Church of Christ Parents of Lesbians and Gays, were both born and raised in New York City.  They met at First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, New York,...   Read More

Rev. Martin Preston

Martin Preston was one of the founding members of the Gay Christian Movement (now Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement) in the U.K. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Regent's Park College, Oxford,...   Read More

Emery Prickett

Emery Lee Prickett was born August 23, 1948 in Torrance, Los Angeles County, California, to Leroy and Norma Prickett. He committed suicide on January 14, 1985 in Covina, California.   Emery lived much of...   Read More

Rev. Dusty Pruitt

Rev. Dusty Pruitt was born on July 19, 1946, in Ballinger, Texas, the firstborn of three sisters, one 15 months younger and the other 12 years younger. Dusty grew up in Bronte, Texas, a town of just under 1,000...   Read More

Christopher Purdom

Christopher William Purdom is an amateur Philadelphia poet, graphic artist, and self-proclaimed non-binary queer heretic who was an early adapter of internet activism, a steering committee member of the Fight the...   Read More