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Leaders of LGBT religious movements to add to the Profiles Gallery

This is a sampling of the hundreds more persons for whom biographical statements are needed for the Profiles Gallery. You can assist by researching or interviewing someone on this list and writing a profile for submission. Or you can propose additional names of leaders of LGBT religious movements for this prospective profiles list. Contact to assist.

Adee, Michael, gay Presbyterian activist
Alexander, Rev. Scott, gay Unitarian Universalist pastor
Alison, Dr. James, gay theologian in U.K.
Alter, Rabbi Levi, president of FTM International
Anderson, Rev. Carmarion, trans pastor in Dallas
Anderson, Rev. Scott, gay Presbyterian pastor/leader in Wisconsin
Artson, Rabbi Bradley, Conservative tradition ally
Auffant, Laurie J., trans Unitarian Universalist pastor in Mass.
Bacchues, Rev. Dr. Leon, gay pastor in Oakland
Bean, Rev. Carl, founder/bishop of Unity Fellowship in U.S.
Birkitt, Rev. Jim, MCC pastor in U.S.
Bishop, Rev. Nadean, lesbian Baptist pastor
Blair, Rev. Ralph, founder of Evangelicals Concerned
Blumenthal, Marc, gay rabbi in U.S.
Borgdorff, Arie, Dutch leader of European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups
Bouchard, Bob, early gay Seventh Day Adventist leader
Brawders, Sandra, early lesbian Presbyterian activist in U.S.
Brick, Barrett, early gay Jewish activist
Broshears, Rev. Ray, early SF activist
Brunne, Rev. Eva, lesbian bishop in Sweden Lutheran Church
Buist, Ian, leader in LGCM in UK
Bumgardner, Rev. Pat, pastor of MCC New York
Campos, Dr. Michael, gay theologian in U.S.
Cargill, Rev. Dr. Ursula, lesbian clergy in Reformed Church in America
Cartwright, Donna, co-founder of TransEpiscopal
Chiles, Chris, gay Pentecostal pastor in U.S.
Clements, Roy, evangelical leader in U.K. who later came out
Clendenin, Ann, lesbian Quaker leader
Dammann, Rev. Karen, United Methodist clergy
Day, Sharon, Ojibwe lesbian leader
Deacon, Jay, gay UUA leader in U.S.
DeBaugh, Adam, early MCC leader and publisher in U.S.
Denman, Rosemary, lesbian pastor tried in United Methodist Church
Dennison, Rev. Sean, trans Unitarian Universalist pastor in California
Dillon, Michael, early FTM trans person and aspiring Buddhist monk
Drinkwater, Gregg, executive director of Jewish Mosaic
Duddy-Burke, Marianne, lesbian Dignity leader
Egerstson, Rev. Paul, ELCA bishop & ally
Elizabeth SSE, Sr. Mary, early trans religious advocate in U.S.
Farley, Sr. Margaret, Yale Divinity professor & ally
Fay, Brendan, gay Irish Catholic activist
Feng, Rev. Ouyang Wen, gay Malaysian pastor
Follestad, Tore Holte, lesbian Norwegian religious activist
Foster, Rev. Dr. Katrina, lesbian ELCA pastor in U.S.
Foulke, Rev. Mary, lesbian priest in New York
Franklin, Rev. Darlene, pastor of Agape Spirit Life Ministries in Detroit
Gallup Grant, early Integrity leader in U.S.
Gann, Keith, gay Quaker leader in U.S.
Gansl, Scott, leader of World Congress of LGBT Jewish groups
Glasspool, Right Rev. Mary Douglas, assistant bishop of LA Diocese
Glover, Bob, early Disciples of Christ activist in U.S.
Gold, Rev. August, founder of the Spiritual Center in NYC
Gordon, Kevin, early gay Catholic theologian
Grimaldo, Marco, gay Presbyterian leader in U.S.
Groves, Sharon, director of Religion and Faith Program at HRC
Hancock, Rev. Eugenia Lee, Presbyterian pastor & HIV/AIDS advocate
Hartwell, Louva, Navajo lesbian leader
Hayes, Rev. Roger E., pastor of Church of the Holy Spirit Fellowship in NC
Herukhuti, Dr., founder of Black Funk, African spirituality
Herwig, Sarah, trans Presbyterian clergy candidate in U.S.
Hill, Rev. Renee, lesbian priest & theologian in New York
Hopkins, Michael, early Integrity leader in U.S.
Hudson, Rev. Dr. Jo, pastor of Cathedral of Hope in Dallas
Hydes, Rev. Michael, MCC pastor in Maryland
Juillerat, Martha, lesbian Presbyterian leader, founded Shower of Stoles
Kader, Sam, gay Pentecostal pastor in U.S.
Kaeton, Elizabeth, lesbian priest in U.S.
Kairaiuak, Larry, gay Yup'ik activist
Kauanui, Dr. J. Kehaulani, queer Hawaiian professor at Wesleyan.
Kilhefner, Don, co-founder of Radical Faeries
Kimundu, Rev. Michael, MCC pastor in Kenya
Klein, Idit, executive director of Keshet
Kolakowski, Hon. Rev. Victoria, trans theologian & judge
Knox, Rev. Harry, gay MCC pastor & activist
Kukla, Rabbi Elliot, trans rabbi & activist
Ladin, Joy, trans faculty at Yeshiva University in New York
Lai, Michael, gay religious activist in Hong Kong
Lance, Dr. H. Darrell, gay Baptist professor at Colgate-Rochester Div School
Lanci, Gabriel, publisher of Insight magazine
Larges, Lisa, lesbian Presbyterian leader
Lau-Lavie, Amichai, founding director of Storahtelling
Law, Eric, gay Episcopal priest and theologian
Lee, Justin, founder of Gay Christian Network in U.S.
Lim, Leng, gay Episcopal priest & theologian
Manji, Irshad, lesbian Muslim activist, founder of Moral Courage Project in NYC
Martin, Dr. Dale B., gay theologian at Yale
Martin, Rev. Kathi, founder of God, Self & Neighbor Ministries in Atlanta
Meredith, Rev. Dennis, gay Baptist pastor in Atlanta
Meyers, Rabbi Andrea, lesbian activist and writer
Michaelson, Jay, gay religion writer
Miailovich, Bob, early Dignity leader
Mitulski, Rev. Jim, MCC pastor in SF
Moore, Lydia, lesbian Quaker leader in U.S.
Moulton, Rev. Brenda, lesbian Baptist pastor in Mass.
Murray, Rev. Dr. Paul Edward, gay professor at Bard College
Mychaeltodd, Minister, founder of Fig Leaf
Neu, Diann, co-founder of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics & Ritual
Ngeo, Rev. Boon Lin, gay Malaysian pastor
Nidorf, Patrick, founder of Dignity U.S.A.
Ogle, Rev. Canon Albert, gay priest in San Diego
Partridge, Rev. Cameron, co-founder of TransEpiscopal
Peet, Michael, early leader of LGCM in U.K.
Phoenix, Rev. Drew, trans United Methodist pastor
Pinkard, Rev. Lynice, lesbian pastor in Oakland
Plagianos, George, gay Orthodox leader
Powers, Rev. Jeanne Audrey, lesbian United Methodist leader
Prendergast, Martin, early leader of LGCM in U.K.
Reinhart, Rod, early gay Episcopal priest
Reiter, Rev. Robin, founder of Sacred Abundance Ministries
Riedel, Rev. Marilyn Lutheran—UU pastor, feminist theologian
Riley, Meg, lesbian UUA leader
Riordan, Michael, gay United Church of Canada leader & writer
Rock, Martin, early gay Brethren-Mennonite activist
Rogers, Dr. Eugene, gay theologian at University of NC
Russell, Rev. Susan, lesbian Integrity leader in U.S.
Santiago, Rev. Manny, gay Baptist pastor in Seattle
Sants, Maris, gay pastor in Latvia
Satin, Barbara, trans UCC activist
Schneider, Dr. Laurel, professor at Chicago Theological Seminary
Seneco, Archbishop Michael, Old Catholic Church of North America
Senyonjo, Rev. Christopher, gay Ugandan bishop
Sheppard, Phillis, lesbian professor at North Park Theological Seminary
Singer, Maggid Jhos, trans Jewish teacher
Smith, Andrea, lesbian theologian in U.S.
Soederblom, Kerstin, leader of European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups
Stone, Rev. Kenneth, professor at Chicago Theological Seminary
Suarez, Margarita, early UCC Coalition leader
Tabor, Corey, Cherokee gay leader
Thomas, Wesley, Navajo Two Spirit historian
Thunderword, Rev. Jonathan, trans pastor in U.S.
Tinker, Bonnie, lesbian Quaker activist in U.S.
Webber, Janet, lesbian pastor activist in U.K.
Webster, Steven, early gay United Methodist activist in U.S.
Whitley, Marcus, trans minister in New York
Williams, Debra, lesbian Two Spirit writer
Wilson, Gary, MCC minister in U.S.
Yang, Larry, gay Buddhist teacher
Yip, Dr. Andrew, gay sociologist of religion in U.K.
Zellman, Rabbi Reuben, trans rabbi in northern California